《Le Mythe Dior》是由@Ma

《Le Mythe Dior》是由@MatteagarronoOfficial执导的电影,是戛纳电影节大奖赛的两倍获奖者,电影《蛾摩拉》和《现实》(Reality),展示了由@Mariagraziachhiuri创作的2020-2021秋冬高级时装系列。无论是重温《皮诺曹》还是《童话故事》中的黑暗幻想,他对寓言和美丽的拥抱完美地传达了渗透在时装工艺中的幻想。

'Le Mythe Dior', a film directed by @MatteoGarroneOfficial - twice the recipient of the Grand Prix at the Festival de Cannes, for 'Gomorrah' and 'Reality' - showcases the Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Haute Couture collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri. Captivated by storytelling in all its forms, whether revisiting 'Pinocchio' or the dark fantasy of 'Tale of Tales', his embrace of fable and beauty perfectly conveys the fantasy that permeates the craft of couture. 
© Music by @Paolo.Buonvino
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