@Mariagraziachuri在寻找一种创新的方式来展示2020-2021年秋冬高级时装系列,他构思了一部由@MatteogarronoOfficial执导的电影《Le Myth Dior》,它可以表达迪奥梦想的情感,以及该系列背后的灵感。在这里,她讨论了她的思想是如何在禁闭期间具体化的,萨瓦费尔的重要性,以及女性超现实主义艺术家和́âtre de la模式的影响。

Seeking an innovative way to present the Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Haute Couture collection, @MariaGraziaChiuri conceived 'Le Mythe Dior', a film directed by @MatteoGarroneOfficial, that could express the emotion of the Dior dream, and the inspiration behind the collection itself. Here, she discusses how her ideas crystallized during lockdown, the importance of savoir-faire, and the influence of female Surrealist artists and the Théâtre de la Mode.
© Music by @Paolo.Buonvino
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